Anderson Mandatory Training

Designing complete processing systems, ensuring every individual unit operation functions in unison, is a complicated task. Success is only achieved when clients can derive profitability above their costs for both technology and support. To achieve this goal, Anderson has created processes to make sure the entire project, from proposal to processing, is as efficient and effective as possible. One of the most crucial steps in our entire process is our mandatory training program.

Once we determine the best equipment for our client’s application, we remain 100% engaged. After the systems are installed and fully operational, Anderson stays on site until everyone is trained to operate the equipment safely.

The minimum time spent on site is typically weeks. Executing the line checkout, doing startups, and performing the guarantee runs are usually a minimum of three weeks in length, and depending on the complexity of the system, training may last as long as two full months.

The goal of our training program is to ensure that those working with the equipment achieve a full understanding of the production capabilities before we depart the plant. We immerse ourselves in the client’s process to gain a thorough working knowledge, which allows us to assist quickly with mechanical or process deficiencies that might arise in the future. Without that knowledge, there is no way for Anderson to offer quick and responsive support when a client experiences a problem.

This step is especially vital in today’s environment, as companies bring a new generation of workers into the industry. Most modern manufacturers lack apprenticeship programs and continuously struggle to find workers to replace retiring baby boomers. Anderson tackles this problem on behalf of the client, acting as the journeyman and providing training for young workers who lack expertise.

To take full advantage of Anderson’s processing technology capabilities, onsite operation training is incorporated into every sale of our processing systems. But the training tools of today are much different from those of the past. Anderson’s instruction includes an extensive video library highlighting a variety of upset conditions of the machinery and final product. Our intensive teaching program uses these videos to demonstrate what symptoms to look for to prevent problems and how to counteract issues once they occur. These videos offer a fantastic opportunity to train our clients quickly and thoroughly.

Training includes proper cleaning procedures and adjustment techniques. This is all done in a classroom setting. After three days of in-depth instruction, apprentices begin field learning. Field teams go back and forth from classroom to machine and back again. At the end of the course, the new mechanics are required to pass an exam. Testing is imperative because of the inherent danger of the equipment, and manufacturers need to be informed about students who might pose a risk.

Our training programs have proven to be invaluable for our clients. Recently, Anderson sold a finishing line to a manufacturer in East Asia. At the time, the company did not have one single employee with processing experience. The manufacturer provided Anderson with 30 young apprentices between the ages of 25 and 28 years old. Not one of these individuals had encountered processing equipment in their lifetime.

They were quickly enrolled in our intensive training program. Within one month, the new mechanics had enough training that the company was able to get their new finishing line up and running at full capacity. Continued support was offered through the use of modern communication and collaboration tools, which allowed our team to provide continued support 24/7.

When operated properly, Anderson’s equipment can satisfy a customer’s processing requirements for decades with limited downtime for maintenance. For this reason, Anderson emphasizes training. We fly all around the world to ensure that our engineering experts can relay the information processors need so their equipment can have a long and efficient lifetime of processing. Training is tailored to ensure clients can operate their specific equipment and get the most of out of their processing system.

Anderson prides itself on providing top-notch customer service and sticking by our products for their entire lifetime, offering onsite technical support if the plant operator has changing needs or requirements from their systems. With more than 700 years of combined experience among our entire staff, we are confident that we can solve any technical challenge.

For more information about our onsite operation training program, contact us today.