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Every company regardless of the size or industry is only as successful as the people involved with it. That is why hiring the right team members is such a critical process at Anderson International Corp. Our recruiting philosophy is to give you the most accurate picture of what a career at Anderson will entail. We strive to ensure that each hire is a good occupational and cultural match for both the company’s interests and the candidate’s interests.

We believe it is incredibly important to be upfront about our talent discovery process, the characteristics we look for, and the actual process from a candidate’s perspective.  The goal is to hire great talent, foster teamwork, and build a happy, healthy, and motivated team.


We discover talent in several ways:

  • Referrals from current and former Anderson employees, investors, advisers and customers (employees are eligible for referral bonuses)
  • Recruiting sites:,, Social Media and University websites for paid and unpaid talent search
  • Community involvement through Sector Partnerships and support of local educational providers (high school, trade schools and fast-track programs)
  • Recruiters who focus on specific niches. We prefer the first 3 methods, but appreciate the value of recruiters for hard to find positions when needed

Screening for the Characteristics

We have found that these characteristics make for great long-term, happy, engaged, and successful hires at Anderson International and will ultimately lead us to building a great company that benefits all of our stakeholders.  The outline below shows what we look for when considering new team members. We have found that the combination of these characteristics really helps us find people who are the best fit for our team.

Fit for Role

  • Does the individual have experience in the role we are hiring?
  • Can they improve the company in this area and immediately make a positive impact?

Fit for Our Culture

  • Have they read and do they believe in our core statements?
  • Can they demonstrate what they can add to the team to promote our common goals


  • Do they have a hobby?
  • Can they describe how that hobby has improved their personal well-being?


  • Do they want to learn new things?
  • Can they demonstrate how curiosity has helped them improve their professional lives?

Sense of Urgency

  • Are they working to be better today than they were yesterday?
  • Can they demonstrate actions they have taken to make improvements in their career?

Tenacity and Grit

  • Do they show perseverance and passion to achieve long–term goals?
  • Can they demonstrate a tough moment in their career and how they overcame it?

A Relentlessly Collaborative and Positive attitude

  • Do they confront hurdles in a positive outlook?
  • Can they demonstrate how they have dealt with points of contention in their career?

Anderson’s Hiring Process & Stages

Applicant Review

  • Human Resources and Hiring Managers review incoming resumes and applications. We do our best to notify candidates as soon as possible on the status of their application.

Phone Screen (15-20 minutes)

  • This is designed to introduce the company, the position, and have the candidate introduce themselves and why they would be a great fit for Anderson. We also establish fit on availability, compensation, and overall interest on both sides.

In-Person Meeting (1-2 Hours)

  • After the introduction, candidates that move on in the process are scheduled for an in-person meeting. This live interview is typically conducted in one or two sessions at Anderson International Corp. Candidates will meet with HR, the hiring manger and other team members that the position works closely with. A more in-depth review of work history, a deeper dive into their knowledge of the company, the skills needed for the role, and overall cultural fit can be expected here. Examples of work, demonstration of excellence, and enthusiasm for the company and the role will be explored and a tour of the facility will take place.


  • Depending on the role, we will present interactive, conference-based, or offline assessments to determine competence levels. These are not make-or-break assessments, they simply give us an idea of the competency level you possess and what skills we may need to help you develop.

Reference Check

  • We always like to check a few references from peers or superiors prior to making an offer. 

Final Review

  • We review the candidate internally and make a final decision on an offer.


  • We then make a formal written offer including an explanation of our benefit package.

We understand that this may seem like a lengthy process but we believe taking the time upfront helps us all make sound decisions, both for the benefit of the candidate and Anderson International.

If you are interested in pursuing a career at Anderson International, please review our open position below. We are an equal opportunity employer and offer competitive wages, paid vacation and holidays, health benefits, 401k, continued education, and much more.

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